Messages from a Medium

Life has a way of sending signs, signals and information that can help us benefit in many ways. As a Psychic Medium, I am happy to share with you some of my amazing messages I have delivered over the years. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Messages from a Medium

Benny & The Jets

I get to hear a lot of songs when I’m working. So, when I was amongst a lot of ladies at one particular group reading I found myself singing. I was attempting to sing along to one of Elton John’s songs, ‘Benny & The Jets’. Because, the Father of one of the ladies had stepped forward to visit his daughter, Lisa. The lights were flashing consistently and quite erratically as I spoke to Lisa’s Dad. I think he really wanted us all to enjoy the party. The light show with the electrics was amazing. Even though this house wasn’t haunted, it would have felt like it. Especially if people were there for any reason other than me being there to demonstrate evidence of the afterlife. Anyway, Lisa looked shocked as she cupped her face with her hands. She was both excited and crying at same time, shouting, “Wow! Wow! Wow!” Followed by, “That's my Dad!” Lisa told how she had been playing the song just last week with her brother. She told how she had asked him if he remembered this song. It was a song their Dad loved. He remembered. Lisa sent me a message soon after telling me, “It was an amazing night. I felt closer to my Dad than ever since his passing nine years ago. This year, on the anniversary of his death, was the first time I haven't cried due to your lovely messages, so thank you so much.” - Lisa. Lisa’s Dad would have been proud of her and her brother. He would have been proud of himself, too, for giving such an evidential message to his children.


It was going to be a good night, I could tell from the giggles and energy in the hall. People wouldn’t just be consumed with ‘Spirit’ - they would be embraced by ‘Spirit,' Anyway, as I was working, I was paying attention to a deceased gentleman. He had stepped forward ready to connect and communicate in more ways than one. As I gave information to my audience about the way the gentleman passed, to the clothes he was wearing, a young lady raised her hand. I could see from her face she was a little shocked, but she also had a nervous giggle about her too. I acknowledged her as I asked her, “Hello darling, which part of the information can you take please?” She replied, “All of it. I can take all of it. It’s my ex-husband! I was getting more dates and a different kind of passing when I felt the energy changing. Another visitor had stepped forward of a deceased gentleman. I described him and the way he passed and asked, “Can you take this gentleman too please lovely?” The lady was really excited as she replied, “Yes! they are both my ex-husbands.” The audience roared with laughter, as did I when I asked, “Is this a good thing or not darling?” However, the laughter didn’t stop there. One of her beloveds wanted me to reference ‘Fanny.’ Well, he had been her ex-husband after all. I had to ask him more than once if this was the name he wanted me to give. I felt he was pulling my leg, having a laugh with me. I had a feeling his humour was going to get me into trouble. He assured me it was a reference he wanted me to make. I obliged as I asked the lady, “Umm, can you connect to the name ‘Fanny’, or know why one of your husband’s want to acknowledge a ‘Fanny?” By now the whole hall was in tears of laughter. Like me, they seemed to know where this was going too. I couldn’t keep a straight face if I tried, and believe me, I did try. I also didn’t know how I got through that message, but I did. And, unsurprisingly, I knew what was coming next. After I managed to compose myself the best way I could, I asked the lady, “He wants me to ask if you’ve been ‘putting it about a bit’ darling - the fanny?” Well … there wasn’t a dry eye amongst us. Thankfully, through her tears, my tears, and everyone else’s tears of laughter his widowed wife confirmed it was his way of having a joke on her. She confirmed how this is something he would definitely do to embarrass her, and something he would definitely say. Bless. Personally, that message was one of the most amusing messages I think I have ever had to deliver. Well done to both ex-husbands, the widow and the audience for bringing such entertainment value along. The love along with the evidence was undeniable. It all meant so much to the one person who was so special to those who were so important.

My Old Man's a Dust Man!

I often wonder where Spirit dig old songs up from when I’m working. Yet, it’s not for me to choose their song choice, it’s theirs. However, I do know the songs they ask me to reference are always meaningful, or significant. Just as they are significant to the person receiving the memory of that song. Almost everyone has a favourite song that reminds them of something or someone. Including right down to a specific time of their life.

Songs often come up at shows, which I’m glad they do, mostly. I just don’t like having to sing them. Nonetheless. sometimes I have to in order to jog someone’s memory. Even so, I’m sure the Spirit, the person and my audience all despair when I attempt to sing. I can’t sing for toffees. Even I would have to agree. Which brings me to recall a demonstration at a show I was at where my display of screeching vocals didn’t do me, or anyone else justice. A deceased soul stepping forward wanted me to sing. Perhaps he couldn’t sing either - but he announced himself as ‘Ray.’ He had a lot of energy to use and was going to use it.

After I announced his name to my audience and the condition he passed with, Ray was acknowledged and accepted by two lovely ladies. He couldn’t wait to get going and start the reunion with his memories. And, he didn’t stop talking as he gave some significant evidence along with a few dates, all of which were also accepted. But, the best piece of evidence was yet to come.

As I’ve said, I’m not a ‘singer’ by any means. I’ve dabbled with music as a DJ, and I’ve sung along to songs with Spirit in private. There have been many times in many places too where I have awkwardly sung out of tune on behalf of Spirit. But, songs are very good evidence, so I have to give them.

Anyway, Ray had me tapping my foot and singing along to Lonnie Donnigan’s 1960s classic, “My Old Man’s a Dustman, he wears a dustman’s hat, he wears cor blimey trousers, and he lives in a council flat, Oi!” I remembered it quite well, fortunately. Even though I couldn’t sing, I was feeling really happy as Ray and I sang along to the words. Based on my vocals, I’d never win a talent contest that’s for sure. However, it wasn’t my happiness I was sharing. It was the happiness of the deceased soul, Ray. I was doing this for him.

After my brief and hilarious rendition of Donnigans’ classic, I looked at the ladies laughing as I asked, with tongue in cheek, “Does My Old Man’s a Dustman song mean anything to you, please?” They looked at each other laughing, as was everyone else. Mostly at my crap singing I had had the misfortune of demonstrating. The ladies looked at me puzzled shaking their heads saying, “No, sorry Carole, we can’t place that one.” I laughed, we all laughed as I told them, “Hold onto that song, it’s going to mean something.”

I thanked the ladies for the connection and left Ray’s love and memories with them. I don’t mind telling you, I kept singing that bloody song in my head right through until the next day, and beyond. It was simply annoying … In an amusing sort of way.

I was chuffed when I received a lovely message from one of the ladies the very next day. She confirmed how she had spoken to her Dad about the message from Ray. She had mentioned the song, ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’ too. And, to her surprise, her Dad told her Ray had given him some CD’s the day before he passed to the Spirit World. On both of them checking through the stack of CD’s they really did find Lonnie Donnigan, ‘My Old Man’s a Dustman.’ Perhaps it was Ray’s way of telling his friend to play his favourite song now and then.